Slow Summer

Today was the strangest day, with a misty rain that wasn’t cold, and a sky that wasn’t dark.  You would barely get wet after standing outside for 5 minutes and yet it still smelled like rain and my garden had puddles and the sky was speckled with thick rain drops.  I always feel cleansed when rain falls, especially considering the harsh fire season at the end of the summer.  I imagine the Earth just drinking up the water and loving every second of it.  …And typing that just made me really thirsty.

But my lilies bloomed!


We celebrated our third anniversary with some Prosecco (from Bryan’s uncle David and cousin Cole) and took care of Pearl after she got spayed.



I finally had to throw out the crazy amazing bouquet Bryan’s mom had at the party – a bird of paradise arrangement with flowers I have never seen before.  The bird of paradise flower has blooms inside their stem, so when the flowers die, you can open the stem and pull out more just like it.  This can happen two or three times before the flower is done.  I was sad to see it go.

Lately, walks at work have been the only thing keeping me sane.  Finding the trails in the old arboretum on campus has improved my daily walks exponentially.


The campus is so quiet, I’m falling in love all over again, just enough to get me through the fall and spring semesters.


Now, I’m proofing wedding invitations, flipping through a Martha Stewart weddings magazine, picking stationery to write to Jimmy on, and listening to Myrlin’s new album.

Myrlin Hepworth, a friend since childhood, just pre-released an album, The Funky Autopsy, to his Kickstarter contributors.  It is such an incredible, vulnerable, honest, motivating piece of work from a young artist and reminds me why I love hip hop.  Myrlin and I used to be alter servers at the Catholic Church our families went to, and went to the same junior high and high school.  He’s a brilliant poet and comes from a family of strong women and kind men, a wonderful mix in my opinion.  When the album becomes available for purchase, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it because you’re supporting a young person’s hard work with an art form that can create a lot of good and change in this world.


Finally, I’ll leave you with a picture of the prettiest dirty dishes you’ll ever see.






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