Busiest summer ever


We are finally figuring out what our tables will look like at the wedding, how delicious our food will be, how beautiful our venue is, and how much there still is to do!  The summer is going by fast, which is great, because I want Connie and Haley home, and I want the bachelorette party to be here so I can see Emily, and I want the wedding to be here so we can all dance our faces off.  My maid of honor motivated me this weekend by helping plan out decorations and basically all of the details I had completely looked past.  I’m quite lucky to have friends with such good taste and an eye for design in general.


Pearl is growing like crazy.  The picture above was taken by Ashley a few months ago.  Her nose isn’t even pink anymore!  We are finally able to walk her again after her surgery and she got right back in the swing of things.  She’s the perfect motivation to get up in the cooler summer mornings and go for a walk.


Now, I’m building a lightbox, reading about weeds in my garden and how to scare garter snakes away while you work, and planning my week of yoga, haircut, oil change, Kinderpuppy class, and Pearl’s stitches getting taken out once and for all.  Onto the next.



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