I have a sign on my desk, something I printed off to look at every day.  It says “change” with a visual representation of what I want in life at the moment.  It’s simple, and fuels me every time I glance at it.  Just a word, nothing invasive or presumptuous.  Positive, if approached with a positive attitude.

This weekend, I was unexpectedly invited to go see Fleetwood Mac in Spokane with Ashley.  We went to the concert with her co-worker Lisa and her husband Joe.  Lisa gave me the best marriage advice I will probably ever receive – her and Joe have been married, I think, 30 years.  She told me that change is inevitable and if you can’t adapt to that, you’re screwed.  Embracing change really does erase any fears of the future.  Also, the concert was amazing, obviously.

Connie and Haley come home Saturday and I feel like I could pee my pants from excitement.  I can’t believe their trip to China is already coming to a close, but I’m selfish and would like them back on this country’s soil.  Plus I can’t wait to steal Connie’s computer and cruise through the millions of pictures she took.  I’m planning something upon their arrival, I just haven’t decided what yet.

July feels so planned out because there are so many things happening every weekend.  Bryan and I are going to enjoy a quiet Independence Day together, then it’s time for friends, camping, boating, Sandpoint, camping and boating and camping.  Ugh, and work thrown in there too I guess.


I love this picture and look at it quite often as I get anxious for my poolside bachelorette party.  It’s old, from probabaly 3 or 4 years ago.  I’m only happy in summer if I am in a swimsuit near water.  Period, end of story.  I may even run through our sprinkler just to get my fix.


It’s all happening, a lot of it, all at once.



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