Alive, Awake

My boss and I were the only people at work today, obviously the only two chumps dumb enough to show up the day after a national holiday.  The fourth of July was quiet around here; we made perfect American burgers.

IMG_2432Oh, and my scratch loaded baked potato salad.  Bryan hates mayonnaise and anything that would traditionally have mayonnaise, so I embrace the challenge of making something he loves.  This was made with sour cream and dijon mustard, and he said it was the first potato salad he’s ever liked.

Things were quiet for fourth of July, meaning a calm before a storm.  I love the way other people’s lives make waves in my life, rippling me to a new mindset, finding a new groove.  My girls get home tomorrow night, and with them will come a whole new energy, new knowledge of a faraway place, new stories, even new friends they made in China!  I’m excited for it – it breaks up the autonomy of that dreaded feeling of “this is it.”  My friends inspire me in ways I never thought possible, and being without three of them for so long takes its toll on me.

Some other images from my life this last week:

IMG_2427Succulents in the most gorgeous pottery ever from West Elm.

IMG_2410My dude.

IMG_2400My babe.

IMG_2389When I make tacos, I go all out.

IMG_2388Hope everyone celebrated their freedom in style.  xo








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