Summer’s Over

Is it weird that summer always feels over after Independence Day?  By the way, my best friend commented on how I always call it Independence Day and that is mostly due to the Hollywood blockbuster movie, starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, ever heard of it?  Yeah, that’s my jam right there.



(Graduation BBQ, 2011.  Posting because it reminds me of summer, shotgunning beers with some of the best.)

Anyways, I’m over here mourning the end of Summer and it has only been 6 days since the holiday.  My girls are back and I had the best time the night they got home, hanging out with Connie and Liz, Eric, Jess, Kyle, Dave, Claire, Nick, Cody and Alder.   I don’t get around the fellas as much as I used to, and I laughed so hard my stomach ached the next day.  I also stayed up until three in the morning, a real rarity with me these days.  I felt refreshed, for certain.

Connie and Haley are coming over for tater tot casserole, wine and puppy time tonight.  And as my people plan for the upcoming school year, I pretend “me too!” even though my life is nothing but boring 8-5.

Also, a day after the year anniversary of losing Kathy, I was told my Grandma Jeanie passed away at the hospital surrounded by her kids and husband.  I’ve lost other grandparents, but I felt closest to Grandma Jeanie.  She taught me how to play Skipbo.  She let me play with her makeup and costume jewelry.  She taught me about the beauty of Maui and how a spam and egg sandwich in the morning isn’t as gross as it sounds.  She called me “poopy” and “booby” and had the best movie collection of any grandma I know.  Her and my grandpa Mickey also taught me what true love is, forever.  They were my first and last example of what it means to go the distance with someone, good and bad.  I wish I could smell her hair, rub her feet, hug her tiny frame, but instead I’ll just remember her beauty and hang onto that forever.

Another lost summer, onto the next.


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