Friday Memorial

Grandma’s funeral was Friday.  I dressed with her in mind, looking as lady like as possible.  This summer has provided Drew, Ashley and I with rare photo ops where all three of us were together and dressed appropriately for a photo.

image (5)The funeral had its ups and downs.  My Aunt Tammy compiled a video with photos of Grandma Jeanie’s life.  It was beautiful – I loved seeing her clothing and jewelry, her hair styles, her smile as she aged.  I loved seeing her with us when we were kids, and I loved seeing all of my cousins at the funeral and as babies on the slideshow.  The downs were mostly administrative and involved an unnamed religious figure calling my deceased grandmother by my mothers name at the funeral.  I was shocked, but eventually laughed about it knowing Grandma wouldn’t make a big deal of it had she been there.

photoI will miss her and the warmth she brought to our family.  She was a beauty.


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