I’ve been addressing and putting together invitations off and on the past week.  I can’t commit to it for longer than a half hour at a time.

IMG_2461I started out by getting stamps for the RSVP return envelopes and completed that hurdle right away.  For all postage, I bought less than I was sending out since some people I see every day at work and don’t need a mailed invitation.

IMG_2460Then, a few days later, I had to take a complete invitation to the post office to be weighed.  Apparently some of these babies take two stamps.  I was pumped to find out I only needed one stamp on the outer envelope.

IMG_2458Now that I’ve stamped the outside envelopes, it’s time to update the addresses, remove some ex-girlfriends from the list (haha), and start putting some pen to paper and assembling.  I will share more details, as well as artists I used, later on.  I’d prefer everyone receive their invitation before I show the details here.   xo


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