Last Week

Wedding details are becoming cinched together in a beautiful way and I am less and less worried about total disaster as things get closer.  I mean, I still get the hyper-stress dreams where everything goes so wrong it’s unbelievable, but even in that case, what can you do?  Let the chips fall where they may.

We are preparing for school around here.  Bryan is starting the final stages of his degree this Fall, so we are organizing and preparing for our bachelor and bachelorette parties, school, and the wedding.  It pays to have certain focus, and with so many responsibilities keeping us motivated, things are going by smoothly.  Here are some snaps from the last week around here.

IMG_2474When you have a love of eyewear, you have to find a way to display them even when they aren’t in use.

IMG_2477A treat for my co-worker when she returned from a long weekend – Pantone postcards of some of her favorite colors.

IMG_1820I love these tea tins my grandpa had around his house.  They are so beautiful and useful to store all kinds of small parts.  The green one I especially love, the Irish lass in me is so predictable.  Some still had tea in them from probably thirty years ago.  He was glad I found them so interesting and clearly had many uses for them.

IMG_2480We went to Coeur d’Alene this weekend to pick out our wedding rings from the same jewelry store that made my engagement ring.  That meant we also got to take a cruise in the 1956 Continental that we will be riding away in at our wedding.  This car has been in Bryan’s family for a long time, and is now in his parent’s hands.  We are so lucky to end our wedding night in such a beautiful, unique car.

IMG_2482I wish Bryan’s mom would come garden at my house…although she does bestow some amazing flowers and strawberry plants onto me so I can’t complain.  This is one of her newer planters that I couldn’t stop staring at.

IMG_2497This is Bryan’s mom’s pup, Maggie.  She is sassy and rules the roost in her own way.  But the morning we left, I caught her in the sunshine, unconcerned with Pearl or the other dogs.  I sat and took thirty photos of her, all with subtle changes that just made me fall in love with this little queen.  Calm, cool and collected, a rare form for such a tiny dog.

IMG_1835My new Asos skirt that is actually fluorescent pink, not orange.  Pleated, adorable.  I wish it wasn’t such a standout piece or I’d be wearing it multiple times in a week.

Four weeks until school starts.  Moscow is already humming and coming alive again.  No matter how many summers I go through in this town, I never get used to the population shift, the hum, the low, the buzz, the breaks.  It’s so strange and yet it keeps you on your toes in the most perfect way.








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