Free Cutes

IMG_2516One day, Ashley and I were wandering around H&M.  We tried stuff on, we’d had enough of the crowd, so we skirted over to the men’s department checkout, with absolutely no line in front of us.  Ashley noticed the standard gift card rack that adorns every cash register at a chain store.  But then she pointed out to me the gift card envelopes.


STOP….ABSORB THE CUTENESS.  They were so well designed!  Ridiculously cute for a basic gift card envelope.  We started looking at them and I asked the lady if you could buy the envelopes.  I’m a master at asking the right question – I didn’t want to ask flat out if they were free, I didn’t want to assume they were free and then get reprimanded for taking them, so I asked if we could buy them.

“Oh, you can just have them!”  So we both took one of each.  I was really just dying to take every single one of them, shove them in the bag she was in the middle of handing me, and bail out in stationery excitement.  But I was good and just took one of each.

IMG_2526I’m fairly certain they don’t even say H&M anywhere on them.  Just adorable, cute cards that happen to fit a gift card in a convenient slot.  I’m plotting some Starbucks gift card presents to give with these babies real soon.

IMG_2524I love the bunnies.


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