Okay, okay, so this is the last you’ll hear of my beautiful, amazing wedding invitations.  I thought it would be appropriate to post the details of said invites on a “details” post.

The wedding is coming up fast!  Bryan’s bachelor party was last weekend, my bachelorette party is this weekend.  That means I get to see every close female friend of mine (except Caetlyn & Meredith, who will be missed!!!!) in one instance.  Kim is coming from Seattle, Bri is coming from Boise, and Emily and Christine are coming from Portland.  I’m so excited I could pee my pants.



Unexpectedly, the stamps turned out to be one of my favorite parts about my invitations.  You go to the post office and ask for wedding stamps, and the choices are so disgusting and plain and cliche and yuck.  Couldn’t get on board.  So I picked floral stamps, figuring it offers enough flare to make the envelopes special, without the typical freedom liberty stamp I usually use.

My second favorite part of the invites?  The wording.  Everything about planning this wedding has been perfectly whimsical – not over the top, not too subtle, but whimsical nonetheless.



“Merriment to follow”

IMG_2467“Drinks, dinner and dancing” – because my wedding will be full of dancing, spinning, moving, laughing, shaking it.  Whatever you want to call it.

IMG_2469The entire invite suite was wrapped up with a piece of paper the designer called a “belly band”, making the whole invite feel like a gift.  I was thrilled with the outcome.


Beth Cote designed my invitations.  She was wonderful to work with, quick with communication and allowed for my crazy OCD to shine through.  When I wanted a small change, she didn’t charge me for extra proofs.  When I wasn’t happy with a color, she patiently examined some other options I sent and helped me determine which would show up best on certain paper stocks.  I was impressed at having such an easy experience with something that feels like it would be a high-stress situation.  Now, the invitations are out and I no longer have to worry about that aspect.  The rest of the wedding just has to be dealt with now…




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