Beach Bag

I have a beach bag, ready to go at all times for any sort of fun in the sun.  I even leave it packed during the winter.  Just a dream…

This summer has been a fairly dim summer, with barely a tan and only few hours of swimming time logged.  But that’s all about to turn around this weekend.  I get my girls, sunshine, water all in one place.

Sometimes I’m surprised by what people bring to the beach, whether it’s a planned trip or an impromptu run to the water before the sun goes down.  My bag for a day trip is standard.  I used to always bring books or magazines to the beach, but I rarely crack into them so that’s gone out the window.  I certainly won’t need one this Saturday.

So here’s what I keep in my beach bag, always.

IMG_2552Obviously, first and foremost, a towel.  Nobody wants to be stuck without a towel.  It took me far too many years of loose sunscreens and lip balms in my bag to finally use a big cosmetics case to carry it all.  It also took me far too many years to get a hat that keeps my poor nose from nearly burning off.  This Columbia hat was on sale at Tri-State Outfitters years ago and actually fits my gigantic head.  I’ve been in a love affair with it ever since.



An old habit – carrying swim goggles with me always.  You know that feeling when you’re a kid and you just desperately want some goggles to play with diving rings or explore the bottom of the pool/river/what-have-you?  Well that feeling never went away with me.  I still like to play in the pool, I still like to explore.

IMG_2549Also, I always have my Roxy beach mat with me.  I was 12 years old, shopping with Ashley and her stepmom Tarina.  My birthday was far off, but I fell for a pink trimmed bamboo beach mat by the much-coveted-by-teenage-girls-brand Roxy.  I remember Tarina buying it for me as an early birthday present, and I was so excited that I obviously never forgot about it.  That beach mat is still in use today, and still smells like 12 years old to me.

Most of my sunscreens are an amalgamation of getting samples in the mail, my mom’s belief in the Church of Sunscreen, and trial and error.  The Zinka and the Maui Babe lotions are completely owed to Ashley – that girl finds the best products out there, and I often buy them immediately after testing them out because they rock.



Finally, my swimsuit and heads-up stand.  The heads-up stand is straight from Maui – my grandma’s best kept secret for the beach.  Keeps your head off the sand and is also a very comfortable pillow.  It’s starting to fray and wear down, but I’m pretty sure my grandma has had it since the 80s, so it may require some stitching to make it last for many summers to come.



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