My Bachelorette Party confirmed what I already believed in my heart – me and my ladies are in love.  True, true love.

I just wanted to gather.  I knew this wasn’t my last girl’s night, so more than anything I felt like celebrating the fact that my bridesmaids would all be together for the first time since the engagement.  But it turned into so much more than that – I needed this.  I needed fun, laughing until I couldn’t take a breath, jumping off the diving board with impressive skill (or not-so-impressive, in my case), hands-up-stands-up, shots and snacks and cigs.  It was a beautiful thing, a beautiful day.

1240262_10153149495585203_881296324_n(Me, Connie, Emily & Liz)

IMG_1088The girls decorated the cabana with “Pin the Macho on the Man” and an insane amount of penises.

IMG_1089We played Bachelorette Bamboozled – Connie’s ode to our love of the show Friends – which involved trivia questions about my future husband.  Some questions I rocked, others not to so much.


530474_10153149497175203_1527121371_nMy future sister-in-law!  I’m one lucky lady.

1185697_10153149495710203_364180961_nEmily gives the best loves.

QAfter the 15-second lap dance I had to give Ashley after getting a question wrong.

1005813_10153149496410203_217432012_nSaturday, I was in love.


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