Where’s my shirt Shelly?

I’m about twenty two years late to the Twin Peaks party, but that show has taken over my entire thought process, my dreams, my idle moments.  I always knew it would be amazing when Tavi Gevinson sported jewelry with Laura Palmer’s face front and center; I also knew its Northwest location, its lead actor from the Northwest, and its director from the Northwest would make me feel right at home.


My point is, in the seemingly dwindling amount of free time I have, I’m usually looking at this – Bryan, Pearl, watching Twin Peaks.  As of right now, I’m probably about 15 episodes away from the end.  But I know there is so much more I didn’t see the first time, so much more to enjoy the second (and, lets be honest, probably third) time I watch it through.

IMG_1154For the record, Pearl is not interested in Twin Peaks or Kyle MacLachlan’s stunning portrayal of Dale Cooper, the role he was born to play.


When Twin Peaks is over, I’ll have my life back.  But I’ll miss the opening sequence and the waterfall, the actors from West Side Story and Laura Palmer’s stupid smile.  We all have a little (or a lot) Twin Peaks in us, so if you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest you begin immediately.


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