Foggy Mornings

Things are settling into their Fall paces.  I’ve been absent from the blog, organizing and planning.  I’ve lacked any creative energy after work.  But that has passed and I am here now.

I love getting into a cold car in the morning, having to put tights on under dresses, putting my sandals away.  My energy bursts with this weather.  The fog hangs around in the morning, and the afternoon is like a freaking Nora Ephron movie (I’m obviously thinking about You’ve Got Mail and the smell of newly sharpened pencils).  But the truth is, we are almost to midterms, tempers are running high in my professional life, and I know October will go by in a second and then it’s Halloween, and then it’s Haley’s birthday, and then I’ll wake up one morning and it will be November 9, our wedding.

IMG_1205(New kitty ring & engagement ring, best friends)
Luckily, I’m a pro planner and I feel stressed about everything else in my life except for the whole marriage and wedding thing.  Sure, I haven’t even talked to a florist yet (I’m working on it), and I should probably go to get my dress professionally fitted, but still, if the wedding was tomorrow, I think we’d be alright.  Either way, knowing I will soon be married to Bryan has caused a gradual change in the way I view my life.  I notice things I never noticed before, my mind is clearer and everything seems simpler, I wake up content and relaxed (a rare occurrence in my life thus far).
(The speaker next to our door is becoming too small for our collection of keys and sunglasses, zippos and wallets.)
Right now, Bryan is at a birthday party with some of his best friends, and I’m cleaning, doing laundry, going through some files, reading Live from New York, the memoir of Saturday Night Live.  I’m happy, crossing things off of lists, reading magazines I’ve set aside for weeks.  It’s cold outside, it feels right.

(One of the last times I’ll wear flip flops out with Pearl at night.)


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