So close

The wedding is twenty six days away and a comforting calm is slowly creeping its way into my psyche.  I’m glad we got so much done with the wedding so long ago, but the details are pressing and the day is so close.  Knowing it will soon all be over, I am trying so hard to absorb every detail, every moment of excitement before the wedding.

IMG_2580(Small home makeovers here and there, including a new side table, new shelf, a gigantic Goodwill pile)

Every one of our family members and bridal party are so helpful and I am learning a lot about delegating and letting go of wanting control over everything.  Their excitement fuels my excitement, and basically every day is like Christmas Eve.  It may be a very long 26 days, or the quickest 26 days of my life.

IMG_2583We are trying to remain calm over here, attack items on our list head on and with ease.  But eventually, it will be too difficult to force my smile away or not jump on the bed with wedding cheer every day it gets closer.  I’ve always been the excited one, I love the anxiety of an important day and PUMPED should be my middle name.

IMG_2564We are cooking around here, lasagnas and soups.  Bryan even made his first boeuf bourguignon of the season, and it was his best ever.  I’d say we are crushing it, and will be well deserving of the holidays and the honeymoon after this busy season of work, school and wedding.

Post-wedding will also be dedicated to getting back on the blog schedule.  Stay tuned.





One thought on “So close

  1. I hope you take a bit of time each day to just be in the moment. The time will seem to drag and you will feel as if the day will never come, but come it will. As the years tick by I want for you and Bryan to remember each of the special moments of all the preparations for your day together. You will have a lifetime of memories coming your way but right now, this very second stop what you’re doing and be. You will not regret it.
    All my love, forever and always

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