That Clean Kitchen Feeling

I spent some serious time cleaning our kitchen yesterday, and it felt so good this morning, waking up to a sparkly kitchen that smells like coffee and has the brightest morning sun.  Sometimes, even something so small like moving the juicer, can change the entire flow of an often-used space like the kitchen/dining room (they are combo in our place).  It also helps that Ashley is moving and thus I’ve inherited some pretty awesome storage stuff like pantry bins.

IMG_1294(a letter to Caetlyn with much love)

Overall in life, I have that clean-kitchen-feeling.  The house is organized and clean before I winterize the windows, I’ve rid my closet of all the clothes I never wear or wear and hate, and my 97-year-old Grandpa rented a tuxedo for my wedding.  The thought of the pastel polyester suits in that wonderful man’s closet makes me cringe when I think about wedding pictures.  Alternatively, the thought of him in a crisp tuxedo makes me want to cry with happiness and love for him.


(Bryan, signing his part of the marriage license affidavit.)

I spent last weekend helping Ashley get organized as she packs up her belongings, sorts the stuff she wants to store, and throws away what she’s been hanging onto for a long time.  There’s a thin line between nostalgia, material goods, sentimentality, and purpose.  I’m a pro at walking that line, throwing things overboard, and rationalizing for things that maybe we never thought we even wanted in the first place.  I have an acute sense of belongings and it is so very important to “fluff and fold” – clear out the old, file away the important, and make room for new.

IMG_1237(babysitting this 3-year-old is so easy when he has awesome lists like this before bed.)

Now, Bryan and I are going to go over our music for the wedding, respond to our photo booth vendors, and get this show on the road.

IMG_1298(mail time, mail time, maiiiiil time!)


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