IMG_1064We are planning every second of every musical element of our wedding.  There won’t be a chicken dance, there won’t be a Macarena.

In the world of Pandora and Spotify, we travel down memory lane with music more often than other generations.  Our 90s Pop Radio station on Pandora plays all of the nostalgic songs that used to be wedding classics.  But not anymore.

As soon as our DJ said his signature was playing “Ice Ice Baby” and then exclaimed “When’s the last time you heard that, am I right?”, I thought to myself “ugh, I heard it at the bar two nights ago.”  He spoke of people being shy, and not dancing, and that as the booze flows, they loosen up.  I laughed and told him not to worry, we definitely dance.

Bryan and I have so many songs we love because they remind us of each other, even completely unromantic dance beats.  There are so many songs that connect me to Boys Club and our friends.  Songs that played at parties constantly while we were dating.  It hasn’t been hard for us to create a list of songs that will take us well into the night, dining and dancing and celebrating.

It’s going to be such a wonderful night.




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