Mr. & Mrs.

BW2_5774It came and went as fast as I expected, and yet I remember every detail.  The way my mom smelled when I hugged her in my wedding dress, the look on B’s face when I read my vows, the complete calm that came over me when the night was over and we crawled into the limo.  It’s all there, deep in my brain.  I hope to write it all out, very detailed, so I can remember forever.  But for now, B and I are still filling each other in on the missed moments, moments I’m sure will be revealed as more photos surface.

We are married and I feel exactly the same except that I am now just as legally devoted to B as I was emotionally.  We are calm, we are relaxed.  We feel great and warm from every person that came to the wedding and spread their love all over the place.  Now, we rest and get back to normal.



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