It is near zero degrees here, and no matter how many layers I put on or how many years I live in this weather, it still shocks my system.  This freeze, combined with Christmas decorations and serious home-declutterizing, has created quite the cozy environment for writing wedding thank you notes and unwinding after work.

IMG_1417We finally moved one of our couches to the garage, to be a garage hangout couch.  Yes, we had two couches.  Two!  Full sized.  Now, the coffee table above is at the top of my hit list.  But still, I love this solid piece of craftsmanship.  Bryan got this in bachelorhood, and knowing him, I’m sure it was an excellent deal.  I’ve seen him and two of his full grown friends dance on this sucker.  I may have mild sentiments for it, but still, it has to go.  Pearl has literally eaten nearly every edge off of the legs, and its lack of care over the years makes it a splinter and eyesight nightmare.  Also, can you tell we like eating and drinking by our coffee table reading selection?




When companies like Field Notes send their products packaged with amazing materials, like this oversized Field Notes rubberband, it is inevitable that I will save it and one day find the perfect use for it.  Like binding sharpies and postcards together.  I was going to use these Pantone postcards I had as usher cards for the wedding, but ended up not needing them because my brother and sister-in-law are ushering pros!



I’m still adjusting to falling asleep without lists upon lists upon lists going through my head.  I always sleep with my notepad by my bed, but lately, there’s just nothing to worry about.  And for once, I am completely prepared to enjoy that.  This has been my bedside lately – my flower girl Kim made the portraits of Bryan and I, she is so talented and having this token of her mad skill was the perfect present.  I’m certain there will always be changing photos of my bedside posted on this blog.  My bedside has to inspire me so I wake up with some sort of positive outlook, especially in these dark, bitter cold mornings.  I like to change it occasionally, rotating mementos and pictures, trays and greenery, lamps.  It brings new light to my mornings.

Moon, sun, starlit sky.







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