Paddle your own canoe

Bryan is laying next to me, reading a gift I gave him this Christmas, a book by Nick Offerman titled “Paddle Your Own Canoe”.  I finally posted an insane amount of photo booth pictures online, and my social-media-threshold is hitting its limit.  So instead of uploading the photos and blogging about the things I had planned, I am instead leaving you with this:

IMG_1401A beautiful, OCD picture of the girls’ bridesmaids gift bags I gave each of them.  My best friend Ashley is a wonderful wonder, laying out these items piece by piece to take this picture.  Two weeks after the wedding, she sent it to us in a mass text message, saying “remember how special you felt when you got this?!?!?!”.  I’ve saved that group conversation, going on two months of messages with my favorite girls, and I read through them when I’m missing them, especially Ashley and Emily, who live far away.

I’m looking forward to my favorite holiday of the year, New Years Eve.  Drinks, friends, music and happiness, a subtle hopefulness permeating everyone’s moods, even the cynical ones who don’t make resolutions or care about new horizons.  Everyone is happy and ready.




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