A New Feeling


We had an amazing year and this New Year’s Eve celebration sparked zero motivation in me to make new beginnings.  I am always looking to improve, I am always looking forward.  But still, it’s my favorite holiday – I love the party, the people home for the holidays, everybody excited, holding hands with new loves, back rooms and dance parties in every corner of the house.  So you won’t see resolutions from me this year – I’m proud of the foundation I have laid to make 2014 great all on its own.


Christmas went fast, but we definitely ate our fill of shortbread cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, fudge, never-ending homemade treats.  I worked the day after Christmas, but the office was quiet and it helps me recharge for the spring semester, which is always a doozy.



My mother had an advent calendar with stuffed toys attached, and every day closer to Christmas, I would put the toy in the pocket for that day.  After years of keeping my eyes peeled for something like that, I finally found this handcrafted advent calendar that reminds me of the one from my youth.  Instead of toys, there is a snowflake on a ribbon that you move each day.  But from now on, every December, this will be filled with little treats and notes for people to enjoy when they are here for the holidays.  Obviously, I love advent calendars but it wasn’t until I found the one for me that I became a machine of ideas for different treats each day.  I cannot wait to pull this baby out next year, since it only came into my life halfway through December.



Trimming the house for the holidays inspired me to set up a bar tray, since December is definitely my biggest month of liquor consumption (I’m usually a wine drinker).  The gold drink shaker in the picture is only for one drink at a time, but Bryan’s sister got me a new shaker for Christmas that makes many drinks, and looks good next to my baby one.  Also, the Mr. and Mrs. whiskey glasses were too cute, so I had to get them for Bryan and I as a post-wedding-gift to ourselves.



Also, my leather cat coasters, with marbled gold and pink paint.  These are dear to me, especially since I bought them about a year ago, and now see them for a huge markup on some commercial websites.  They are toots cutes.



The things Ashley left behind, or told me to hang onto until she wants it back – exhibit A: The Harold and Maude Poster.  There will be many editions of this on the blog, but I have to say, this is my favorite daily reminder of Ashley, and will probably be very difficult for her to get back from me.



Finally, New Years Eve corn muffins.  Because that’s a thing.  (It’s not).  But we had a pre-party dinner at our house, and Bryan made chili, so I thought (and was obviously so correct) that some sparkly corn muffins would really bring the holidays full circle.  I thought they were pretty cute, but I have to thank those Jiffy mixes really, because corn bread is oh so easy.

Cheers to a New Year!  One step closer to the end of the world.




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