Five Little Things

I am back in the real world and it feels surprisingly good.  We were gone just the right amount of time, leaving Maui with a slight tan and a missing tension that regularly resides in my shoulders and neck.  Plus, one can only subsist on twelve dollar poolside pina coladas and hotel breakfast for so many days.  The food on Maui was worth all of the searching and scouting, and B and I proved our marriage while he drove amongst Maui drivers (they are terrible, a Hawaiian tradition I remember from my childhood trips there and one that still holds true) and I acted as navigator, shouting directions at the last minute, him slamming on the breaks, changing lanes, and catching a yellow light just in time.  We even took the time to find my grandparents’ old house in Kihei, where they lived until I was fourteen.  It was so ordinary, pulling up in front of that house like 12 years hadn’t passed and maybe they still lived inside.  I desperately wanted to knock and ask to look around but I held myself back.

Five little things from Maui:

IMG_1777First, trying Pinkberry in the airport.  This was actually on the way home, but I’ve always heard about this damn frozen yogurt and it was pretty delicious.  Plus, the food court it was in had blasted air conditioning so I was pretty much in heaven.

IMG_1697Second, the black swan in our hotel lobby’s pond.  Our hotel’s main floor was open and had a giant lagoon with a waterfall that housed flamingos, lots of koi, and this beautiful black swan!

IMG_1782B’s sampler at the Maui Brewing Company.  I really love when he orders these because I love miniature things and this is about as cute as it can get.

IMG_1664Fourth, Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop.  One of the best places we visited, with the nicest people and the greatest atmosphere.  The food was out of this world, but the pie.  The pie was everything you want pie to be.  B’s banana cream pie was so good, another customer said “it should be its own food group”.  I had the apple pie and the crust was so delicate but crunchy and sweet and the apples were fresh, oh man.  We paired it with Kona coffee and took home lots of pie and dinner leftovers.

IMG_1784And finally, Ululani’s shaved ice in Lahaina.  Oh, I bet you’re just dying to know what flavors we got.  Me, I’m a tiger’s blood, blue raspberry kind of girl, and B got the coconut lover’s.  I really truly miss this the most.  These were the micros, by the way, and came piled sky high with shaved ice.  I couldn’t believe the people and kids! that were getting the larges, they were practically igloos of shaved ice.

Now we are home and I’m back in the work groove, looking forward to the sixth annual Boys Club Prom and planning some weekend getaways in the not-so-distant future.  Good to be home!







2 thoughts on “Five Little Things

  1. I need to try Pinkberry.I wish you could have knocked on your grandparent’s old house and been transported back in time,found them healthy and happy,still living there somehow.Good you had such a nice trip.Linda xo

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