Boys Club 6 slash forever

IMG_2905It came and went as fast as our time in Moscow has.  The theme was roughly “End of an Era” – soon we will all be gone from here, off to graduate schools and jobs and new places.  The only thing ever keeping us here was school, and each other.

Ashley and Destry flew in from Tennessee, Emily flew in from Portland, and all was seriously right in the world again.

IMG_2890We gathered, put fake tattoos all over our bodies, and dressed in our finest tights, dresses, suits, shoes, and faces.  We danced so hard we could barely breath and were literally dripping sweat, but we still hugged as hard as possible and laughed and kissed.

IMG_2920From Aunts to Uncles played, the house shook.  There we were, after decorating, after the anticipation of weeks of knowing we would have one more prom.   Just one more.  I hope we say just one more for ten more years.  Then the visitors arrived, we lit the place up, we all went home and showered and primped and then it was prom.  It comes upon us so fast, no matter how closely we watch the approaching date.

IMG_2952And then Haley came out onto the floor and sang Boys Club and I couldn’t help but plop out a couple of tears.  And I could not take my eyes off her, as I now plot for the world to know her name.  She is beautiful and has some stage presence if I’ve ever seen it.  It was the perfect blast off to the night.

IMG_2910I wore my hair in an epic side ponytail.  There was DANCE in bold tattooed on my chest.  My red shirt and suspenders were neatly tucked into my beaded shorts.  Underneath that, bow garter tights.  It was perfect to dance in, and my favorite prom outfit to date.

IMG_2901I’ve been emotional since prom, writing a lot of details I’m remembering from six years of these, trying desperately to not forget.  I fear any thought escaping my reach, that’s why writing is my art and my compulsion.  Boys Clubbers don’t forget.







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