Sunny and frigid cold


(Prom was so good this year, I feel rejuvenated.)

Life seems sunny lately, maybe because savoring that extra twenty minutes of dim lighting at the end of the day is all we have to get through the end of winter.  This time of year always feels long in this community, and yet nobody tires of talking about it.  We are comrades in the snow and wind, friends in our layers of clothing and ugly, comfortable, warm shoes.  The end of winter is in sight and even with my apocalyptic obsessions, I still feel at peace that I can always count on that.  It can’t be cold like this forever.  And, if it ever is cold like this forever, I’ll just learn to count on that instead.  I am hardheaded but adaptable.



(She’s watching birds. If she were our human child, I would buy her some bird watching books for sure.)

Pearl awaits the summer, knowing her walks will increase exponentially as the thermometer ticks higher and higher.  I scored a vintage wool blanket I’ve been hawk-eyeing all over the online-secondhand-world and found it in the least likely of places!  In my dad’s shop, strewn alongside what a blind eye would call “junk”.  It’s in near perfect condition, it was free, and Pearl has the utmost respect for it.  My thrifting heart pitter-patters at such a gem.

IMG_1906(Boys Club picture backdrop – many past backdrops were barely internet-appropriate, so I was glad to have a classy one this year)

Did you know I carry around a notebook?  It’s sort of my savior, my bible, my everything, an extension of my mind and hands and eyes and ears and heart.  There are boring things in there, errands and projects to complete, but there are also crazy, wonderful things in there.  My notebooks make me proud of who I am.  I have never saved a finished notebook – partially because they get mutilated in the process of completing tasks and crossing things off, but mostly because it’s a part of me that is so vulnerable, fluid, spontaneous, and curious, and I want to keep it that way.  I suspect years from now I won’t understand the scribbles, or really care who “Brodie” was and why I needed to e-mail her about free editing (an example of such scribbles).  Preserving is part of my nature, and I keep excellent records.  But my notebooks, the information is redistributed and they are thrown away.  Maybe it’s a quirk, an extension of my fear of losing ideas and thoughts, but I will go ahead and be crazy and just say: I love my notebook.

Moving on.


(These two, amirite?)

I’m already planning for the rest of the Spring now that the wedding and honeymoon are finished.  But damn, doesn’t B look insanely handsome with a wedding band?  Soon, a trip to Portland with Haley to see Emily, then planning the last graduation BBQ celebration we will have in Moscow and it’s going to be better than the ones before!  Stay tuned, stay warm.



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