I find myself curating small collections throughout my home, putting bits together.  I’ve always collected buddhas, and seeing them all smile together makes me giggle.  My bigger buddha is by the front door for daily belly rubbing.


Some of my favorites right by my vanity where I get ready in the morning.  The drawing at the bottom was done by my friend Kim for my Bachelorette Party (it’s highly offenseive, just like me), the picture is from Boys Club Prom 4, and the embroidery is from Ashley (we both have pretty cute butts).


B’s slow-roasted pork tacos are to die for and our new discovery of broccoli slaw is the perfect topper.  I usually dislike coleslaws of any kind, but this broccoli slaw tossed in vinegars and lime juice is exactly what I always wanted a slaw to be.


My newest necklace, from the beautiful shop Is Was + Will Be.  The tiny geometric stones and the deep blue beads makes this necklace perfect for days where I rolled out of bed, and my outfit is boring, and my hair is in a ballerina bun and I just need something to make me feel special.  It’s especially good for layering or even wrapping around as a bracelet.


It’s the little bits in life that get you through.


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