The Addams Family *snap* *snap*

Where to begin with The Addams Family.  I used to watch it on Nick at Nite, along with the Munsters, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie.  Perhaps that is where my love of the occult and magic comes from – pop culture made it accessible to us without being about satanic worship and burning at the stake.  I remember reading the Crucible in high school and realizing how much the world has changed, how things that are different or foreign to us are not always perceived in a negative light.  Although, my father made it obvious how some minds never broaden or open up – upon hearing my love of reading tarot cards, which I’ve been doing since I was 14, he was appalled, shocked, and obviously confused.

I write this not to categorize myself in any way, but to highlight the things that interest me, and make me tick.  Sure, Ashley and I bought a spellbook from the New Age section at Hastings when we were young, and yes, I believe anything is possible and have faith in the vast unknown.  This is about the movies I continuously revisit, like The Addams Family.

Angelica Houston and Christopher Lloyd are enough reason to see this movie.  I believe all parents should screen it to children today in hopes they get a peak at a movie message that is as old as storytelling itself – family is most important.  With that, I present you some screen captures of my favorite moments in The Addams Family, ones that show the beauty of the cinematography for what could easily have been a forgotten tale.

This is up there with jokes I didn’t get as a child – Granny is cooking with Joy of Cooking and Gray’s Anatomy.  What a bad bitch.


This woman is perfection incarnate, and I will see any movie that shows her beauty and strength as a matriarch.

pugsleyandwednesdayThis shot exemplifies my favorite relationship in the movie, between siblings Pugsley and Wednesday.  They torture each other, light each other on fire, and sword fight.  But they also love each other and have such a passionate faith in their family’s resilience.  Plus, the floors in this shot are stunning, making me wish I got to live in the Addams mansion.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky.



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