Prints to Love Forever

I often joke that I’m a ‘hater’ because I have no problem spouting off the things I don’t like.  This does not mean I have hate in my heart, because it usually revolves around superficial things and my mind is never unchangeable.

I hate when people start petty fights on the internet for the world to see.  I hate when people with proven horrible taste suddenly adopt something wonderful because it’s been trendy long enough to be dumbed down for their consumption.  And I hate bold, thick chevron design and the gross amount of exposure I’ve had to it since Pinterest came into our lives.  Hilariously, my list about pattern hatreds could go on forever.

Enter Thief and Bandit, the designer of the most gorgeous prints I’ve ever seen.

Oh where to begin with Amie and her thriving small business.  What a gorgeous woman she is, inside and out.  I take a lot of pride in my pieces from Thief and Bandit because I know that her and her husband work hard on each piece while also keeping a beautiful home and raising adorable boys!  I can’t remember where I first heard about them, but I bought my first pillow case cover from her about two years ago.  Now, six pillows later, and I’m in serious love with her newest prints.



It is rare to find multiple bold prints that can be put out front and center without clashing, but there’s something wild and beautifully different about these.  Because I see what Amie and her husband do as the most wonderful form of art, usable art, I appreciate that she takes the time to create new unique prints that are going to be loved forever.


I highly recommend checking out Amie’s shop.  She made four of my six pillow covers custom to fit the pillows I had and was really easy to communicate with.  Also, I really love that she ships from Canada for a decent price and they arrive quite fast once they send.



Just a little glimpse into some new happiness around the house!


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