My Humor

My consumption of pop culture has manifested itself over the years in strange ways.  I sing songs in my head and out loud, if my current setting reminds me of a movie or television show when that specific song played.  If someone says anything that resembles a quote from one of my favorites, I’ll seamlessly reply with a comeback that the person assumes is from me but instead was written by professional Hollywood authors.

Another strange and wonderful side affect of my neuroses?  Well, let me show you.

Have you ever seen the movie Prometheus?  I love that movie and it actually turned me onto the Alien series of movies for the first time.  I had never seen them before and after watching Prometheus and loving it, Bryan made sure I saw every Alien movie before it so that I had the best, well-rounded education on the matter.  You know, in case we ever have to head off into space seeking our creators.

Recently, I was re-watching Prometheus for probably the 12th time.  If you haven’t seen it, a short back story: arrogant human beings aboard the ship Prometheus are looking for the origins of humankind.  As with all of the movies in the Alien “saga”, there are common character elements: a few researchers and scientists, some sort of shady corporate involvement that not everyone is aware of except one or two on board, and (my favorite), the robot.  Each robot character provides the viewer with an outside perspective of just how arrogant we are for seeking answers through colonization and force.

Then this beautiful exchange happened on screen and in my head; David, the robot, and Dr. Shaw are going to continue on into space looking for the answer they failed to obtain during the length of the movie.  David, with his politely infuriating way of asking impossible questions, gets owned big time.

David 1David 2David 3David 4David 5David 6David 7David 8


It was unreasonably funny to me and I just had to share.



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