We Are Outside

We will be outside from now until the end of the warm part of Fall.  You’ll be able to find us, playing ping pong in the open garage, or walking the dog around the neighborhood.  Maybe even you’ll blink, and swear you saw me riding my bike to work.

It’s all about enjoying the sun-on-shoulders, outside-drinking-wine attitude that this little town embraces once May arrives.


For now, bits and pieces from my time away from this little web space.  Honey lime grilled chicken by B and recipe provided by the lovely Tracy at Shutterbean.  She motivates me in the kitchen in a big way.IMG_2303


Little Pearly, napping away.  I’ve noticed this last week that her face is maturing and she’s losing the soft edges of a puppy.

IMG_2360Constantly making leftovers into new meals by throwing it all on top of greens – spinach, arugula, kale, it doesn’t matter.


I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, moving their legs and thinking of their summer plans.  Every year, my summer weekends trickle away with plans and schemes, but nothing ever seems to happen.  This year, I’m making some camping trips a priority and getting out of town as much as possible.




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