Beginning and endings



(photo courtesy of Violet Jane)


brain game:

I want a kitty cat.

I cannot wait for Moscow to empty for summer.

My birthday’s this week.

My mom’s birthday is this week.


The big build up to the end of the school year is at its final pentacle, and I’m sad that this is our final buzzing end-of-school-year.  Connie and Haley finished their thesis projects for their Masters in Architecture and watching them present made me swell with pride that I know people who will really change the world.

There’s so much to come, and so much change to adapt to.  I’m ready to be that rock that all of the rolling waters break against as the river flows its natural course.  But I’ll be savoring the rest of this month, the big graduation barbecue, preparing to send friends off to summer jobs in Alaska or to new adventures in Beijing.

We’ve gone through this so many times, graduations and leavings and coming back.  But this year, it feels real and final.  It feels like we are done with this place, packing up and moving on.


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