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(Photos by Alejandra Marie Photography)

I have yet to do a big post about the wedding in November, mainly because I wanted to enjoy the pictures and get settled before putting it all into words.  There is also another wedding in the works that I am helping coordinate, so I’ve had entirely different wedding details on the mind.

But a post will come, especially since the talent of our photographer must be out for the world to see as much as possible.  I am also working on a project that I will announce at that time, involving weddings and the like.


In the real world, I am working on getting into my new summer schedule at work, which only involves going to work a half hour early and leaving a half hour early.  I have no idea why they change it, but I am not complaining.  I would work 6 am to 3 pm every day if I had the choice.

If I see an article that mentions any amount of ways to get up easier in the morning, I read it.  But the tips aren’t always applicable – I don’t want to buy a light box to trigger my sleep cycle and slowly wake me from my slumber.  I don’t want to go for a run first thing to pump myself up!  I just want to wake up and have time to enjoy the morning, which really is my favorite time of day.

I wrote some tips down months ago, and so far they are quite easy to wrap my head around.  First, try to beat the snooze.  If you are a person that uses the snooze button, you get out of bed as soon as it is engaged, and you make yourself busy until the alarm goes off again.  By that time, you are awake enough to know you shouldn’t crawl back into bed.* 

*(I won’t have kids for a while, so I’m spoiled enough to be able to crawl back in bed for twenty minutes if I please.  I’m aware I should enjoy this while I can.)

The second tip is obvious, but necessary, as I’m guilty of the 3:00 pm coffee pickup.  Don’t drink caffeine after noon, and you will have better quality sleep that results in better waking habits.

But the final tip really rocked my world.  “Do something you LOVE first thing in the morning!”  The article chirped off yoga and meditation and listening to music and all of these really cool hip rad awesome things that people love to do to relax or get ready for the day.  I sat and thought very intensely about what it is I really like to do.  And you know what I landed on?  Cleaning, organizing, reproductive labor* of any kind.

*(B taught me this term after taking a class on gender roles this semester.  Reproductive labor is basically all of the stuff around the house that women are typically charged with doing.)

Every one who knows me will laugh because duh, I love those things so much.  But enough to help them get me out of bed?  Definitely.  Absolutely.  Completely.

I plan to wake up in the morning and do dishes, clean countertops, iron or steam my outfit for a change, dust, water the plants.  There is even an added bonus to this – I don’t have to do those things at night before bed so I can leave them for the morning.  It will be difficult with my OCD to go to sleep soundly with a mess, but that will motivate me even more in the morning.

Something you love, cleaning, what a world!



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