That Vitamin C song


Remember that Vitamin C song that was played at every high school graduation or dance in the 2000s?  Imagine that humming in the background of this post.  Because it is the last graduation post I’ll probably ever write.



I pulled out party supplies from the new Oh Joy line at Target (check out her blog, she is a wonderfully adorable and creative woman!).  We had balloons with crudeness all over them and a big Congratulations banner sprawled across our living room.  B barbecued a pork butt all day, and by dinner time, it positively crumbled it was so tender.


We sat in the yard, played games, drank, smoke and laughed.  People came and went all day and most people ended the night at a house show for From Aunts to Uncles, a band full of friends, including Matt above.  Bryan went with everyone to that while I stayed home for my favorite part, the dishes and cleanup.  It’s such a nice unwind after having people around all day and as nerdy as it sounds, I love it.


Haley had her brother and parents and aunts in town, and I’m always happy to take advantage of these moments to get to know my friends’ family when they are from so far away.  I take that for granted, knowing everyone’s parents because we come from the same hometown.  Haley’s family is from Pocatello and further, so the few times I get to spend time with them is always a good, good time.



My friend Bri loves me the most because she wore her party hat the longest.


Liz is in San Antonio, Connie is soon off to Beijing, Bri went back to Boise, Matt and Eric are going to Alaska for a summer job, and Nick will be spending the fall in Thailand.  I wonder if this time of year will ever not be associated with saying goodbye.



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