Doll Baby

The idea to send an egg carton of doll heads to a friend was easy, and picking Emily to send it to was even easier.

I thrift a lot so collecting the doll heads was easy – fifty cents here and there.  I just felt bad for their poor bodies, thrown away headless and completely defeated.

IMG_3133Those front brunette gals are twins, which was not even intentional.  They must come from some generic-Barbie-knockoff nightmare.  I really wanted to accessorize with the cute cowboy doll hat, so I decided to gore it up a bit and jam it in the big bald baby head – she’s the queen bitch.

IMG_3150It was quite tricky to attach everything for shipping, but my junk jar had plenty of assistance to give.  The rubber band helped a lot.


My desk felt like a crime scene, but more like a plastic-hair-and-plastic-shavings-instead-of-blood crime scene.  I just had to play that out before sending these doll babies to my doll baby Emily.


Craft night nailed.




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