Watch Bob’s Burgers



I’ve had a bad attitude today.  Just a sour, salty day.

But tomorrow has the potential to be exponentially better, so there’s no use dwelling.  Plus, a bad day at work is immediately remedied by being off of work, it’s that simple – and any real problem is rarely that simple to solve.

In home office news, I got an old model of the DYMO hand embossing label maker from an Etsy seller in South Korea a few months ago, and they are the cutest little things.  But be warned if you are in the market – they are not that adhesive.  I am now researching the market for some better quality tape that hopefully sticks better.

Until then, I’ll ooh and aah by labeling random things that need no labeling.


Pickle Gill, that’s me!


Haley snapped this picture of me in my denim smock dress from Asos a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes I remind myself of a kewpie doll.



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