My love hate relationship with Refinery 29

Any gal with good taste knows Refinery 29 is a wonderful resource for health tips, news, and style.  Following them on Pinterest made it even easier to pick and choose what articles I want to read instead of cruising their homepage throughout the day.  Let’s be honest, I’m most likely already on Pinterest, so that makes one less website to worry about.

Okay, so I love Refinery 29.

But some of their copy is downright idiotic, and I’m already planning a follow-up post about how out of hand the term DIY has become.


Today, I read a Refinery 29 article called “8 Gross Beauty Problems (We’re Going There!)”.  It’s obviously an intriguing prospect, but it fell completely short of real problems that are so gross that we should be shocked that they are “going there”.  They discussed problems like sties, the female mustache, and cysts.  Cysts!  So many of the problems were things that everybody experiences, and sties and cysts are part of being a human, not having a beauty problem.


So this post is for the one problem they left out, the problem plaguing all women on a hot summer day who proudly lack the thigh gap – chafing.  Things are about to get real ladies.

Chafing can happen anywhere from the thighs to the armpits and in between (the boobs, in case that wasn’t clear).  I’m a huge fan of finding the best solution for chafing and science never lies – silicone or petroleum jellies, or powder.  I’m not interested in smelling like an old lady or a baby, so the products above from LUSH are really the greatest things ever.

They also have multiple uses – dust them on your pillows for a dose of aromatherapy at bedtime, or use them as actual deodorant instead of the typical antiperspirant you are using.   I also have the dry shampoo from LUSH and really, because their products are fresh made and completely natural, any of them can be used as dry shampoo, or chafing powder, or linen freshener.

Check them out if you have this actual gross, don’t-go-there problem called summer chafing.

And be warned, Refinery 29 and I will have more words soon – some words of love, others not so much.




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