The beginning of the end

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(Alejandra Maria Photography)

Things are winding way down in Moscow and there are few of us left.  B takes our friend Nick to Boise tomorrow, then he’s off to Thailand in ten days.  Connie leaves for China in under a month, and Haley and Sol will move to Los Angeles soon.  We will be the last ones here come December, saying goodbye to a cold and empty Moscow.

Until then, it will be an exciting, anxious, kid-on-Christmas-Eve vibe nonstop around here.

In one month, I officiate my first wedding, marrying two of my dearest friends.  Officiating was a by-product of my real labor-of-love, helping the bride plan her wedding.

After our wedding, I felt proud of what I had accomplished.  When B proposed, there were two things I was excited about – marrying Bryan and planning a great event.  The actual wedding went by in a blur and I can barely remember the details, but we received so much positive feedback, tons of guests gushing about it being the best wedding they had ever been to.  I’ve worked in event coordination for nearly ten years now, first on the catering side of things, then on the planning side.  I know a lot and best of all, I subscribe strongly to the old fashioned values of being a good hostess, feeding friends and family, and gathering.  The act of gathering bears strong social and cultural significance, and it is something I have always been oddly and overly interested in.

When Milo and Riannon got engaged over Christmas after our wedding, I immediately offered my services to Riannon.  I told her I would help in any way she needed, and provide any and all help on the big day.  I am so honored they chose me to be the officiator – writing the vows was very personal for me and I’m so excited to stand up there with them.  Even more than that, I’m excited to take care of the details that they shouldn’t have to worry about, making sure guests are where they should be, everyone important is present for the big moments, and things stay stress-free.

Hopefully, after I help enough friends with wedding planning, I can start to do it professionally.  But for now, I’m happy donating my time for something I love to do.  I encourage every one of my friends to please get married immediately so that I’m never without a wedding to coordinate.




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