Book of Mormon and the battle for Moscow

Slowly, the ratio in this town of good people versus horribly awful people is going off-kilter again now that the school year is beginning.  I would hate to generalize, but it’s something I noticed myself when I was their age – 18-year-olds are just so oblivious.  Bless their little hearts, I can see into each of their future’s.

That girl with the necklace, emblazoned with an engraving of the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, she was a freshman, and when I told her I wouldn’t be in that job this spring semester, she asked me if I was retiring.  I shuddered to think how old she thought I was.  The kid whose parents are still e-mailing me for them a week before classes start – attention all parents: you should have absolutely nothing to do with a child’s college advising.  Support them, tour with them, help them with finances and financial aid, but never, ever e-mail their professors or department.  Oh and that blond girl who smelled like a baby prostitute and couldn’t remember where her audition was?  She was sweet enough, and I wished I was able to answer her questions, but her nervous energy just made me cringe, so thankful I am not that age anymore.

Basically, to sum it up, this time of year is an emotional roller coaster for me.  But Sean Astin, THE Sean Astin, as in the Goonies, Rudy and SAMWISE GAMGEE IN LORD OF THE RINGS, spoke at our University yesterday and the Marching Band performed for him.  Unprompted during an interview after, he complimented them so much, so generously and so sincerely that I was happy.  At work, that’s an accomplishment.


Okay, rant over, drop the mic.

B and I went to the Book of Mormon and oh my, was it the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on stage.  I shuddered to think of the conservative people in the audience, the religious people without a sense of humor, or even worse, if actual Mormons attended, not realizing the play’s message.  It was well-written, funny, the songs were beautiful and the acting was perfect – as a west coaster who has to see everything off-broadway, and as a huge enthusiast of theatre, the traveling actors for these productions are so talented that I never feel like I am getting something second-best.  Plus, a colleague was playing trombone in the orchestra, so I felt close to the production in an offbeat way.



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