Never over neon


(Neon pencil shavings)

Neon has been everywhere this past year, and I don’t know if it’s my Maui childhood or my participation in Parks and Recreation sports, envying the teams with bright jerseys, but I love this trend.  I also hate the word trend; since I live in Idaho, there’s no need for me to keep up with any expected image of what is current in the fashion world.  So when I like a trend, either it’s something I’ve always liked and/or I’ll never stop liking it and it isn’t the passing facade that it often is to those in big cities.  I pity those who think they are fashion forward because they abandon every passing fad as new ones replace old ones; to me, being fashion forward has more to do with comfort in your skin, and personal style and taste, which cannot be bought, borrowed, or stolen.


(part of my birthday present from Connie – photo booth strips from my bachelorette party.  I taped them to my vanity mirror, so I can smile at my girls every day.)

It has been an emotional past few weeks, with Connie moving to China and two other friends getting married, I feel like I have experienced the full spectrum of emotions possible in the human psyche.  We are traveling to Beijing to visit her at the end of November, and we are finishing visa paperwork and counting down the days.


(plucking leaves and thorns off dozens and dozens of roses)

I officiated/coordinated my first wedding, and I felt proud to be standing up there with two people so dear to me.  I learned so much and feel very secure in my future goals of running my own event coordinating business.  With every event, I know I’ll learn new lessons and be able to guide brides and hosts to make the right decisions and keep them stress free.  Riannon, the bride, was an unbelievable breeze, and she was so gracious and calm, even with the preparations the day before.  A friend of hers did the flowers, and I got to experience the amount of work that goes into arrangements, costs for bulk flowers, and the subtle tricks of the trade when presenting flowers at an event.  Basically, it was an emotional and professional and motivational and aspirational roller coaster that has really energized me for future things to come.


(Moscow Mules in copper mugs we got as a wedding present)

We have a new bar cart that I’ll show another time, but it has really motivated me to try new cocktails.  Bryan’s mom’s friend got us copper Moscow mule mugs as a wedding present, so it’s been fun to mix ginger beer, vodka, mint and lime juice for a great drink in a cold, cold cup.


(Bright Lab)

Check out Bright Lab, the new company of Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day.  I’ve been following her blog for over five years and knowing her wonderful taste and influences, I knew I would love any business venture she embarks on.  These are paper orb lights and come in the greatest packaging.  The best part is your involvement in assembling – all it takes is scissors to cut an opening and slip the orb over the lightbulb.  I chose one of their pre-set color combinations, but you can make any combination you want.  I’ve even gone to their website just to try a few colors together and then they assemble it onto a strand to show you what it would look like.  The picture above are my lights from outside my house looking in – they are hanging on a hook in a bundle.  But they look good in any way – you can stretch them out to create a light garland, or you can bundle it up into a chandelier shape.  They are bringing a lot of warmth to my house as it gets darker earlier and colder by the day.


And finally, what I have been so excited to share with you all.  If you are a fan of Field Notes, then you know that when they offer a secret, unexposed color series, you trust Field Notes to send you something spectacular – so spectacular, they don’t even want you to know what’s coming.  So I bought a three pack of notebooks, with absolutely no hint or idea what they would look like, only that they were part of this year’s color series.  I got my unexposed color series Saturday.  I opened it to find this:


WHOA!  They must have gotten the memo that I love neon, and my expectations could not have been more surpassed.  Their past color series have always been great, but this vivid, fluoro set of colors is unreal.  There are more in this color series, so I may definitely have to order another set – I wonder if they will continue with neon combinations, or release something even more eye popping.  I love all things paper, ephemera, packaging, and stationery so trust my recommendation that Field Notes is the best pocket/purse notebook out there.

xo babies!


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