I’m already packing for our move and shifting into temporary mode.  I’m scared, but scared excited, for new things.  Since we’ve been working on finding someone to take over our lease, it has been nice to pack and clean so the place looks tops.  I’ve packed pictures and frames, collections, books, summer clothing, supplies, games, movies – and while I love those things enough to have them in the first place, it’s been nice living a more stark existence.  I’m constantly fighting my two sides – eclectic cozy and modern utilitarian simplicity – the blend is perfect, actually, because purely one or the other would be too much for me.

Bryan and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary of being married this weekend and it’s our last weekend at home before China, so I’m getting revved up for a big weekend of cleaning, organizing, packing, snuggling, fun dinner, and definitely going to a matinee of Interstellar.

Things on the photo front have been lacking, but this picture from 2007 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, perfectly depicts my excitement for the next few months.  Big excitement!



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