Why New Years is the best holiday…

…and it has absolutely nothing to do with new beginnings, change or a look back at a year gone by.

New Years Eve is my favorite holiday because it marks the end of the Christmas season.  I like Christmas just fine, but the mayhem, the crazy nonsense that it has all become – I am always ready for it to be over.

Yesterday, my husband asked me what was my favorite thing that happened in 2014.  As a side note, I absolutely adore that he asks me those types of questions.  My first response was our trip to Beijing.  But then I remembered we started our year out with a honeymoon to Maui and I obviously had to go with that.

But with those great memories, in our first year of marriage, we experienced a lot of loss, sudden changes, and bad news.  We lost Jay, one of Bryan’s best friends, unexpectedly.  One moment he was eating dinner with his best friend and girlfriend, the next moment he’s gone forever.  I lost my Grandpa Mickey, Bryan lost his Grandpa Pat and Grandma Wayv.  And then we capped it off with Jon’s terrible diagnosis at the end of November.

All of these things serve as a reminder to us that it doesn’t matter what resolutions you make, or how hard you work, or how good you try to be.  Bad things will happen, and it’s our ability to weather those storms that give us character and integrity.


(This picture of Jay hangs in our room, big and framed and beautiful.  The best present ever from Bryan’s BFF Jon)

Good happens, bad happens, it’s all a crapshoot.  I take comfort in that.


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