Party on.


Long, long ago, I took these photos and planned to share this special party planner book with you.  But alas, they are just now seeing the light of day.  Call it a welcome distraction, but I’m feeling motivated to write and write and write and write instead of thinking and fretting and thinking and fretting.

When B and I were first dating, I went to Sandpoint with him and his dad.  While they wandered the small downtown, I popped into a secondhand bookstore.  Tucked in the back was this gem – the floral fabric caught my eye against the dusty old grey and green and brown book covers.


I assumed at first that it was a journal.  Instead, I found a barely used party planning book from decades ago.  I’ve used this thing to plan barbecues, birthday parties, even Christmases and Thanksgivings.


As an aspiring professional party planner, I laugh at the idea that it was once standard to dictate what your guests should wear.  Now, it simply falls into categories – black tie, cocktail, business, business casual, casual, summer casual – that guests are left to determine on their own.  If I’m inviting you to a barbecue, you can probably guess it’s not black tie.  But even when I was planning my wedding, I ran across forums where brides professed their desire to say on the invitation what guests should wear.  In this new world of ours, though, people just don’t like being told what to do.


I just adore every day objects that are so very dated, like this reminder list with cigarettes and ashtrays on it.  Now, if you bought any event planning journal, the reminder list would certainly not include any vices.


Sometimes I wish B was a diplomat so that my wifely duties included hosting meals and cocktail hours constantly.



One thought on “Party on.

  1. I know you are so very secure in your wardrobe choices but some of us are not. A clue as to what type of dress to expect goes a long way in marketing the other guests more comfortable in their not so secure choices.
    Kiss kiss

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