This town is covered in slush.  And I realized that this weekend marks about a year since we departed for our honeymoon on Maui.  A trip to the sweet land of Hawaii would really heal the ails of wet boots and muddy yards and snowy rain.  But alas, we can’t all be so lucky to flit off to those heavenly islands on a whim, so we are making do with our new northern location.  B and I are planning a road trip to Vancouver, B.C. next week to cure those wanderlust pangs and get in some fun while we are still unemployed and free to roam.

Until then, some manual pictures taken by a waterproof disposable while we were honeymooning.


Sea of love.


Hotel pools and waterfalls and ocean and pina coladas.



I’m convinced we are the cutest.


Someday, I’ll collect every picture I have of B making this face and it will be a glorious day.


My fair skin loved this dark alcove to hide from the sun.


He sinks like a stone.





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