New Home Cutes.

Today, I started my freelance editing/writing job for a former colleague at the university.  It felt so good to do what I love professionally, and cannot wait to pursue that further.  Other job searching stuff is also motivating me beyond belief – I’ve enjoyed my month in la-la-land, but am so ready to rejoin the world.

With the new house finally coming together, there are just too many cute things to share.  So here are a few to cheer your Monday along.


Our entryway table is currently holding an abundance of candles, coasters, vases and other knick knacks until I finish hanging shelves and putting our guest room together.  The green velvet frame was a find at Moscow’s Storm Cellar where I consign clothing – if you have any good condition clothing, you should seriously check if they want it first.  They give you half of what they sell the item for, and it really adds up.


The prettiest package of books to ever land on my doorstep – Mexico: The Cookbook and the Rifle Paper Company’s edition of Little Women.


I’m so drawn to tea in every way, except actually remembering to drink it instead of 18 cups of coffee a day.  After being in China, I realized how few people in the world drink coffee like we do in the Western world, and it’s allllll about the tea.  I always feel great when I have a cup of tea after a meal, or mid afternoon when I’m getting the three o’clock drag, but coffee is like tea on steroids and seems more appealing at times.  I plan to drink much more tea this year.  (Let’s just call that the easiest resolution in the world.)


My new master bathroom (and I say “my” because Bryan took the second bathroom for his five things and let me have the palace)…(and I say “palace” purely because it has a window and storage and is connected to my bedroom – I have low renter’s standards for bathrooms) – is one of my favorite features in the new house.  I didn’t mind sharing a bathroom with B. at the time, but now being free to have my stuff everywhere, I’m definitely feeling grateful for this space of mine.



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