I am never bored.  I never get cabin fever, or antsy, or restless.  I can write until my eyes bleed, send out random letters of joy to friends far away, crochet, endless books and bookmarked articles to read, podcasts to catch up on, a dog to play with, projects to go for.  I’m proud of that characteristic, and it has served me well lately.  Staying productive keeps me in a good momentum.

My ivory buddha collection I inherited from my grandmother.  I’ve always loved these little guys, and would spend hours staring at them in her display cabinet.  They are so delicate and tiny and intricate.  Even the bottoms are engraved.IMG_0063_2An accidental snap on my phone while at breakfast.  I love that we can go out to eat now and try something new – the food in our last town was feeling very stale and even when we are disappointed up here, at least we got to try something new.



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