Sick Day

IMG_0106It’s weird to be sick when you don’t have a place to be or pressing responsibilities.  I’ve been fighting a fever and aches and headaches for four days now, and I’m realizing I would much prefer three days of hardcore illness than these days of lingering nastiness.  One minute I have energy, one minute I’m down for the count.  After a large dose of Nyquil last night (remember Bunny Macdougal in Sex and the City?  “The only thing Nyquil cures is consciousness!”), I slept like a baby and went back to bed after my first wake this morning.  I’m definitely conquering this weird slow moving ailment and it just goes to show that rest and fluids really can do wonders.

Also, have you seen these mini bags of Haribo?  Not only are they tiny bags of gummy bears, but they are tiny bags of TINY gummy bears.  They have been keeping me company while I watch Bob’s Burgers in bed.


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