Church of Sundays


(Missing my girl hardcore today!)

Sunday is a sacred day to me.

I’ve been accused of irreverence on many occasions, and I don’t deny it.  I don’t attend a Catholic service on Sundays, I don’t abide by any set spiritual dogma.  I do believe in the Golden rule, and treating others how you would want to be treated – probably because it is one of the lessons that spans all religions and beliefs from the East to the West.  We are just specks in the universe, and you can’t put out bad and expect anything but bad in return.

But Sunday is still sacred to me.  There is no pressure, no rush.  I do the things I love – cooking and baking, cleaning, writing, reading.  It’s an important day for me, even when I don’t have a desk to be at on Monday morning.

From now on, I will be blogging on Sunday, since I’m often at my computer writing anyways.  It will be my Church of Sundays, and I’ll use it to share some of my favorite links and what I’m reading and listening to and loving.

+ Starting to study Palmistry as an accompanying resource to my tarot readings.  Gala over at Gala Darling has great tips on the basics and sparked my initial interest in Palmistry long ago.

+ This Incidental Comic perfectly depicts making the leap and the excuses we make.

+ I made this basic banana bread recipe the other day and it was simplistic deliciousness.

+ I bookmarked this article a while back hoping to write an article about the gender injustice of its message.  Instead, I’ll just share it here and let you decide.  While the article is stating facts without implying a message, I’m unsure why it is news that a successful politician makes $300,000 to speak at a University.  Oh yeah, it’s news because she’s a woman. And, the cherry on top?  GASP, she wants hummus too!

+ Hoping to get into countertop composting and looking at this attractive little baby at Target.  I would love anyone’s thoughts or resources on countertop composting!

+ Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been enamored with the miniature.  Imagine my excitement to find this blog in all of its tiny goodness!

+ Swooning and saving for this gorgeous Leibal crate.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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