Flowers into flowers

A few weeks ago, we attended Bryan’s grandmother’s funeral at the Catholic church in Sandpoint.  It felt good to be back in the church, and the priest was a phenomenal speaker.  The reception was hosted by the “church ladies” as I’ve always called them – the volunteers who cook and work in the rectory.  They made delicious food and took care of everything, which was a huge relief to the family I’m sure.  There were so many flowers all over the room from family and friends, and Bryan’s mom insisted we take one home.


This was the hugest arrangement of flowers I have ever had in my home.  So, in the effort to make it last longer and brighten up every corner of my house, I decided to disassemble it and create little vases of bouquets.


It was messy, and I got green chunks from the florist’s foam all over my kitchen, but the result was totally worth it.


We do what we can to stay warm in the winter.


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