Stay up late for China

My days this week have been filled with writing, job research, cover letters, and serious organization around the corners of the house that took the brunt of the miscellany leftover from moving.  I ordered B a huckleberry pie for his birthday at the end of March, because that’s just how high-demand the Pie Hut huckleberry pies are from Sandpoint.  The rest of my days this week will be more of the same, with the addition of some serious eBay business.


Bugs, a wedding present from our friend Liz, and a frumpy bulldog (candle) wearing a tiny party hat.IMG_3888

My travel Braun alarm clock, miniature bear rug, and a book box bedside.  This book box is quite the acquisition to me: I saw these House Doctor books over a year ago online, but House Doctor is not an easy brand to acquire in the U.S. unless you want to pay exorbitant prices on top of even higher shipping prices.  So I did what I always do when I’m on the hunt – I saved an eBay search, Googled the item occasionally, and kept it on my Pinterest to remind myself.

(Why all of this for a silly book box?  Well, one, if you know me, you know I love vessels and boxes and hidden storage.  Two, I above all value quality design and had never seen such a delicious looking secret book box.  The ones you see at places like Ross are horrifyingly ugly, and even the other books in House Doctor’s collection are not cute to me.  But this one?  This could be a real book, and the color scheme is straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.)

But the story doesn’t end there.  I was so excited one day to stumble onto the Anthropologie website and see that they were selling a small selection of House Doctor items, including these books.  I ordered immediately.

The first time it arrived on my doorstep, I received the wrong book.  The second time, I received the wrong book.  The third time, I received the wrong book.  At this point, after three phone calls and several e-mails with Anthropologie, I refused to give in.  Fourth time’s a charm right?  WRONG.  I received the incorrect book again!  Being the queen of customer service, I called them again, was totally polite and shared a laugh with them over how ridiculous a process this has been, and received the correct book finally.  They even refunded me so the item was free.  It never hurts to be assertive and now this thing is pretty much a trophy.IMG_3862The rare picture-worthy moment when all of Pearl’s toys are put away before she pulls them out again one by one.  Poor Yoda, he is no longer with us, shortly after this picture, Pearl decided he was done for.



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