It’s pouring rain and Pearl won’t stop digging in the mud around a backyard bush.  I’m hanging onto every beautiful sunny day to get me through the rainy ones, and slowly putting away my winter coats, boots, and accessories.


I brought out the Oh Joy collection from last Spring to spice up a boring space between cupboards.  There are still a few bare walls around here, like the dining room, while I decide on something.  Photo Jojo sells engineering prints for a really great price, and the dining room has a lot of color already, so I am sorting through pictures to find a good one that B likes.  I think the faded grey/black/white scheme of it will offset the other bright items, so I’ll share the wall and space once I commit to a picture.


Our bar cart needs some serious organization, which leads me to my list of spring cleaning tasks I’ve been making since we moved in.  Horribly awful kind of tasks like cleaning the track of the sliding glass door, dusting the tops of the cupboards, all of the vents, and washing any bar glasses that haven’t been used recently (I’m looking at you, copper mugs).  I’m also going to pull out the fridge and clean the coil – I read recently that keeping a clean coil helps your fridge run efficiently and reduces any sort of fire risk.


I hate putting this Oh Joy tray away in the winter, but I only do it in the really dark, cold months.  Our dining room has gorgeous afternoon light, and I know it will be terribly hot on summer afternoons, so I’m enjoying it this spring.  Big time.

I have a very long post on China coming this week, along with some other home details and upcoming plans.  xo



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