Miss Priss

Meet Miss Priss, the newest addition to the Gill household.


Miss Priss’ mother brought her to be put down because she couldn’t take care of her anymore and the cat was scratching her couch.  The vet decided to adopt the cat out instead, given she was so healthy and only ten years old (SIDENOTE: that old lady is a meanie, all she had to do was buy the cat a scratching post – she has yet to scratch my furniture).  B’s sister went to get dog food and there she was, waiting for a new home.

She has blue eyes and really soft grey hair.  She has already scratched Pearl and drawn blood many times.  She loves our guest room and sneaks into our closets every chance she gets.  And even though I hated that her name was Miss Priss at first, it really suits her perfectly and I’ve justified it in my head as being short for Priscilla Gill, a name B and I have both always loved.

IMG_1127With her fluff, she looks like a big, fat cat.  But when you lift her, she weighs nearly nothing and has the tiniest body.  I swear she has some sort of munchkin cat breeding in her because when she trots around the house, her legs are so short and her stomach nearly drags on the floor.


Little baby munchkin legs laying in the sun!  Until I have babies, I am proudly one of those people who love my pets like my own children.




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